A Very Good Weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend.


Layla is a shoe addict. She is always in my closet trying on heels and trying to walk in them so we thought it was time to get her some toy princess shoes. She was very pleased with this offering.


Robbie got some good quality time with his best friend – dirt. He must have had to endure four showers over the weekend but I bet he’d agree it was worth it.


We went to breakfast at the Wheeler Farm Wasatch Farmer’s Market which was a fantastic time.




Robbie enjoyed making himself a real “old school” jump rope. He’s still working on his rhythm where the actual jumping is concerned. Small dogs and children should beware.

The kids really enjoyed looking at the animals.


Robbie did his best impression of a work horse, trying to lift one end of a plow.


We made interesting new friends.

They had a great time…and one little girl had a very good nap on the way home.




Juggling Monkeys

The other day I had an epiphany.

Robbie cut himself while playing with a knife. A knife I had just told him to put away because it was very sharp and he should never play with it. Only, according to him he was not playing with it at all but just “running my thumb over it”.

Some day we’ll need to discuss the definition of playing with knives.

A few minutes later Layla learned how to climb on to a kitchen chair by herself. She already knew how to get from a chair to the table so once this piece fell into place she was on the table hanging from the chandelier in mere moments.

That’s when I had my epiphany. I don’t blog anymore because I have one kid playing with knives while the other is swinging from a chandelier.

This “two kid” thing is kicking my butt, I won’t lie.

All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth – but it looks like one is halfway here.


Only a special man can ride his wife’s beach cruiser – complete with baby girl in her iBert – and still look this masculine.


Her nickname is Goose and her affinity for eating rocks is only part of the reason.


Back in May, Layla turned a year old.


Once in a while she tolerates a picture with me…but only for a moment and only if I’m not wearing makeup and have, in fact, been working in the yard.

Proud Mommy Moments

There are always the mortifying mommy moments, like when your kid licks someone in line at Wal-Mart. Yes, a total stranger. On the arm.

Then there are the proud mommy moments. Like when your kid jumps in the car and declares “Its the best day of my life!” because his first Scholastic book order came.

That same day, I had a second proud moment:

Robbie: “Do you like my drawing [of Bumblebee]?”
Me: “Yes, you’re drawing has gotten so much better so fast since we stopped watching so much tv…..though that reminds me….I guess it is Friday….I should mention you can watch tv today if you want to…”
Robbie: “Naaa. I just want to DRAW PICTURES!”

And he did.

Goodbye TV, Hello Brave New World

Once upon a time, Robbie didn’t really care much for TV. Then he started to care and, seemingly overnight, he started caring way too much. Getting him to clean up his toys? A fight. Getting him to leave the house with us? A fight. Getting him to stop watching that irritating cartoon already? A fight. Getting the remote back so we could watch something not animated? Armageddon.

We tried limiting television of course. You guessed it. A fight.

Finally one day we had enough and we put a total ban on TV.

And, quite shockingly, there was no fight.

All that fighting and then when we just pulled the plug totally, he remembered he had toys. And friends. And books. And crayons.

The timing was eerie. About a week later he was accepted to a charter school that, among other things, requests a “screen free” school week at home.

We’ve made it through five weeks TV free (he got weekends back when school started) and he’s only asked to watch tv twice during the week. I’m still in shock.

But even better, he has more time for moments like these:

Soaking it Up

I haven’t been writing here much since Layla came home. The first month we were all just trying to survive. It seemed like if her eyes were open, she wouldn’t be happy without a nipple of some kind in her mouth. Sleep was scarce and free time even more so.

The phrase “What the heck were we thinking?” may have been uttered more than once. How could two people of sound mind have so utterly forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn?

The second month she started smiling. Then what little free time we had was spent acting like deranged monkeys as we all tried to induce a smile.

We’re now in the third month. There’s been a bit more time for things like starting to run again, posting photos on facebook and I even got one solid hour in my hobby room.

We just might make it.