Soaking it Up

I haven’t been writing here much since Layla came home. The first month we were all just trying to survive. It seemed like if her eyes were open, she wouldn’t be happy without a nipple of some kind in her mouth. Sleep was scarce and free time even more so.

The phrase “What the heck were we thinking?” may have been uttered more than once. How could two people of sound mind have so utterly forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn?

The second month she started smiling. Then what little free time we had was spent acting like deranged monkeys as we all tried to induce a smile.

We’re now in the third month. There’s been a bit more time for things like starting to run again, posting photos on facebook and I even got one solid hour in my hobby room.

We just might make it.

4 thoughts on “Soaking it Up”

  1. This just makes me so happy! I remember those posts where she was just a wish! Doctor trips. Your hopes rising, then crashing …. and now look at her! This cute little thing, that is very clearly Robbie’s sister, is here!

    You’ll make it just fine. Before you know it you’ll be shopping for training bras! 😉

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