Big Brother

Saying Robbie’s pretty excited about being a big brother is an understatement. I’m not sure if he’s more excited about the idea of the baby itself or the transformative leap he’s expecting to make when he becomes a Big Brother. Capitalization is intentional here because, believe me, this is how he sees it. My having […]


I am thankful for modern medicine. For doctors that care, husbands that support, little boys that make me laugh. I am thankful for heparin sodium and whatever personality quirk it is that gets me to stick myself with a needle twice a day. I am thankful for weekly ultrasounds, good friends, hand held Doppler devices, […]

Snow Day

Yesterday I told Toby I really wanted it to just dump snow on us so we could wake up to 6 or 8 inches of the white stuff. And for once – the weather did as I asked! Toby and I were well aware it had snowed. We don’t sleep through the night much anymore. […]

Wanna See a Bruce Lee Move?

About ten years ago my brothers, our mother and I went to the Oregon coast during one of her visits from Australia. We browsed all the tacky gift shops we locals normally ignore and my brother Jeremy chanced upon a really tacky Bruce Lee tee shirt. The shirt featured a large-as-lifeĀ  portrait of Bruce Lee […]

Things He Says: broken heart edition

A few weeks ago when Robbie first announced his engagement we should have seen where this was going. He’s since been “engaged” to a host of neighborhood girls. One day recently he was playing with a neighbor girl named Kaela when I told him it was time to send friends home so we could have […]