Snips, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Friday night Toby took Robbie camping in a nearby canyon for a “Boys Only” trip. I am very proud of my germaphobic husband for letting him be a messy boy even after he realized he’d forgotten the hand sanitizer. I am not sure how Toby was able to fall asleep with this dirty child laying […]

Envision world peace – and shut your mouth.

  I am no philosopher but I think I have stumbled upon the answer to world peace. Next time you feel the urge to tell another adult you think their personal choices are bad/wrong/foolish/don’t jive with your system of belief/in some way offend you, try this exercise: Shut your mouth. Walk away. Repeat as needed. […]

Annual Review

My husband is one of the only people I know – possibly the only person I know who has no complaints about his childhood and the way his parents raised him. None. I’m pretty sure his mother thinks I’m just trying to be nice when I tell her this. Like every other mom on the […]

Girls Girls Girls

I thought I would have years before I had to deal with Robbie having girls on his mind. Apparently it isn’t just cursing and reeling out the “I hate you” stinger that he’s brought into his repertoire at an insanely early age. That’s my son. Advanced on so many levels. I was blindsided by this […]

Things I Learned at Disneyland

Four-year-old kids are easily impressed. When we got to the hotel in Anaheim Robbie was happy. He thought being in a hotel was the surprise and he was pleased. “I love hotels!” he said and we hit the pool. It wasn’t until just before he went to bed that Mickey called him and we told […]