First Day of (High?) School

Very proud of his new backpack, courtesy of Grummy. It lights up and he’s happy to show anyone that will watch. Model his new shirt. Dad says it looks too “femme” but I like it and so does Robbie. Daddy was over ruled. Finally a real smile – but no eye contact. Oh well. All […]

Tri Tri Again

It’s too bad it wasn’t me that had a triathlon Saturday. It would have been fun to casually drop into every conversation “yes, I just got out of the ICU and now I’m here to do this triathlon”. Faced with only being able to say “I got out of the ICU and now I’m here […]

I Viking

Imagine you’re sitting on your bed reading a book and minding your own business. Then suddenly a deranged and giddy (and also naked) viking jumps through the doorway. He’s wielding an ax and wearing a horned helmet. He says he fights dragons. Oh, and bears. Now imagine he’s four. Thank goodness I have at least […]

Bless His Heart

Robbie, standing on a step-ladder: “Mom, I can see over you.” “That’s because you’re taller right now.” “Yeah, but we’re still the same age.”

Fathers and Sons

When we had Robbie I knew there would be days in my future when a boy would come running up to me, gleefully sporting a suit made of mud and ask to have his picture taken. I just didn’t know at the time that the “boy” would be my husband. I’d be remiss if I […]