This is getting to be ridiculous

I’m sure if he could talk he’d tell me to stop dressing him up like my personal play thing. I’m sure if he had the articulation of an adult he’d have a lot of things to say…like:1. Milk is good and all…but how about an Oreo now and then to go with it?2. Bath time […]

This little piggy

piggiesOriginally uploaded by Robbiekins. With feet that pink and cherubic, it’s almost a crime to make him wear socks.

Where’s The Baby?

camoflageOriginally uploaded by Robbiekins. If ever I cannot find my son, or (heaven forbid) I accidently step on him, it will be because the clever kid blends in with his environment. I guess really he can’t take all the credit…some of it has to go to me, the person who dresses him in these ridiculous […]

Puppy Dog Leisure Suit

puppydog-suit Originally uploaded by Robbiekins. When else in life can you get away with wearing an outfit of matching prints, top and bottom? Perhaps in senility…but in either case some one else is dressing you and having a good laugh at your expense.


jeepin Originally uploaded by Robbiekins. Yesterday we went to The Gateway (an outdoor shopping center and condo community) to shoot some Senior pictures of Toby’s cousin and a friend of hers. We took Robbie with us and Toby wore him in his little Jeep chest carrier. It was very sunny, so Toby’s Aunt Karen bought […]