Bathtime is Funtime

bath2 Originally uploaded by Robbiekins. He is definitely the child of two people that each shower twice a day, a father that scuba dives and a mother that can read in the tub until she turns into a raisin.He loves a bath, provided the temperature doesn’t dip below comfortably warm and I don’t take too […]

The Flirt

Flirt Originally uploaded by Robbiekins. Need I say more?

You’re not my mother!

Ewwww Originally uploaded by Robbiekins. As I mentioned before, he doesn’t last long with dad before he realizes he’s been tricked. Sometimes it’s gratifying to be liked but the rest of the time it can be a little exasperating not to get a break. Apparently it is just as frustrating to dad. The other day […]

I think he hates me

Yuck Originally uploaded by Robbiekins. The boy is definitely a ladies’ man. He loves his mom, his granny, his grummy and his “Aunt” Shannon. He doesn’t last long in the arms of a “mere man” however. Here he is with his father. Again this is part of the “feed me” expression, but it quickly turns […]


Razz Originally uploaded by Robbiekins. My son, the future model. I set him down on my photo table in between shooting candles and this is the face he gives me. It is part of a more complex expression that means “more food please” but caught in a split second it looks like he’s saying “Yeah, […]