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Snips, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Friday night Toby took Robbie camping in a nearby canyon for a “Boys Only” trip. I am very proud of my germaphobic husband for letting him be a messy boy even after he realized he’d forgotten the hand sanitizer. I am not sure how Toby was able to fall asleep with this dirty child laying […]

Things I Learned at Disneyland

Four-year-old kids are easily impressed. When we got to the hotel in Anaheim Robbie was happy. He thought being in a hotel was the surprise and he was pleased. “I love hotels!” he said and we hit the pool. It wasn’t until just before he went to bed that Mickey called him and we told […]

The Bullet Point Blog Post

We’ve all  heard about the poor over-scheduled American child, haven’t we? He has no time for imaginitve play, no downtime, no time for homework. Well I’m  hear to tell you about the poor overscheduled American mom. She has no time to watch Glee, no time to play in her soap room, no time to even […]

Ah, Memories. We Will Enjoy Them.

Sometimes the best family photos aren’t the ones that turn out “right”. This photo was taken at a small bird sanctuary right next door the the Fred Meyer my family always grocery shopped at when I was a kid. We would often buy loaves of bread then walk across the parking lot to feed the […]

Reed Family Word of the Week

Pooptastrophe: A traumatic event or accident involving a preschooler or any child out of diapers and “number two.” As in, “Robbie had a pooptastrophe at the triathlon when he used the port-a-potty. ” No one knows what went wrong but I am told his hands were covered with the evidence when he eventually poked his […]