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A Tale of Two Triathlons…in photos

Today we participated in a triathlon. Toby was the only one with a number on his chest but, trust me. Spectating a triathlon this long with a four year old to entertain is a sport for Mommy too. Toby did this race at the last minute –  mostly for fun and to support a friend […]

The Happiest Place on Earth

Our honeymoon was to Disneyland. That’s me, the blushing bride, up there in that photo. My parents’ honeymoon was to Disneyland. Saying I’ve been looking forward to taking Robbie on his first Disneyland trip is a bit of an understatement. But life has a way of, well, getting in the way. We had the budget […]

A Tale of Two Parties

Thanks to preschool, Robbie caught on to the concept of the birthday party sometime in early September. By party, I mean one involving lots of kids, sugar, balloons and possibly a clown, or a rock band or a troupe of circus performers. Up until then his birthdays had consisted of close family coming to share […]

Our First 5k

This weekend we accomplished goal #1 of three goals we set for ourselves on July 4 of this year. We ran our first 5k. Our goal wasn’t to win, just be able to run it. When we made the goal on July 4 we were absolutely sedentary. We picked up our packets the afternoon before […]

Doggone Dogs

It sounds idyllic and mostly, it is. There’s just one problem. We have five pounds of raging attitude wrapped in fur and his name is Woody.