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Rest in Pieces, Rosie

My neighbor came to my door this afternoon to tell me that his dog had gotten into my backyard and had himself a snack. You guessed it – chicken nuggets. Apparently, his dog brought one of my chickens (Rosie) home in his mouth – quite proud of himself. I can’t find the other missing chicken. […]

It’s a Real Hen House

Yesterday afternoon we moved the chickens outside into their newly completed coop and run. They are still figuring out the coop and the ladder to get in and out. They had no problems getting out, but when dark fell they didn’t seem to realize they should go in. They were distressed by the dark and […]

Garden Update

The garden, after a lot of dilly-dallying around, has finally started to take off….all at once. The weeds have been worse than I remember them ever being at the old house. it must be because its the first year…or maybe because of how much uncultivated area there is around my house…or both. I finally got […]

Home on the Range

Toby has been putting in some serious overtime this weekend. I’m sure he didn’t know he was signing up to build chicken coops when he married me – but he’s been a good sport about it….99.9% of the time. Robbie has also been enjoying the project, as he typically enjoys anything involving: dad, outside, power […]

Why Chickens? Why NOT Chickens?

I know most of my family and friends were just being polite when I said I was getting chickens. They said “oh…neat….” but I am sure behind their smiles they were thinking “Why chickens? Is she losing her mind?” I completely understand why it would puzzle most people. Chickens (at least grown ones) don’t seem […]

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