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Soaking it Up

I haven’t been writing here much since Layla came home. The first month we were all just trying to survive. It seemed like if her eyes were open, she wouldn’t be happy without a nipple of some kind in her mouth. Sleep was scarce and free time even more so. The phrase “What the heck […]

Girl Privilege

It’s recently come to our attention there’s a fourth occupant in our house. We chose not to put him on the census because, while he’s noisy enough to be a kid, he’s actually a mouse. Two nights ago he woke us both up as he frantically molested an old PowerBar wrapper that had fallen down […]

Higher Resolutions

This year my new¬† year’s resolutions are: Continue to eat right & exercise. I would say “lose x pounds” but since we’d also like to have a baby this one could get blown out of the water faster than you can say “the plus means you’re pregnant.” Earn more, spend less. I know. It makes […]

Do You? Or Don’t You?

  I want to ask all my fellow mothers a serious question. There’s been a lot of talk in the media and at playgroups about a pernicious and evil substance hidden in the foods we give our children. No, not arsenic. Not lead shavings. I’m talking about High Fructose Corn Syrup, or HFCS. I haven’t […]

Sticky Fingers

“Let’s get a drink at the gas station, ok Mom?”
“No,” I replied in my usual retort “I didn’t bring any money.”
He was silent for a beat and then suggested “We could steal it.”

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