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Not Exactly Baywatch

One of the things I miss most about living in the Northwest (besides Abby’s Pizza) is the Ocean. Somehow the Great Salt Lake doesn’t quite measure up. When we went to Oregon this December I really wanted to take Robbie to the coast but it was raining and miserable all week. But then I reminded […]

Christmas 2008

Christmas was a little rushed this year because we were on the road to Oregon by 1 pm. I wish we could have spent more time just enjoying the day but we had to get moving in order to squeeze in a quick visit with my family. The kids (Robbie and his cousin) being old […]

Fall Fun

About three weeks ago we picked up a few new fall clothing items for Robbie. Ever since then one, two or all three of us has been sick and every weekend has been spent seeing how fast we can run through kleenex or how many times one of us can throw up in one 24 […]

Buddy’s Bowl-o-rama

Back in February when some family was in town from out of state we all went bowling (yes, bowling) in Tooele. What I remember most from that outing was that everyone was eating pizza and it was just killing me that I couldn’t eat any (can anyone say “New Year’s Resolution”?). Anyway here are some […]

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