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Tri Tri Again

It’s too bad it wasn’t me that had a triathlon Saturday. It would have been fun to casually drop into every conversation “yes, I just got out of the ICU and now I’m here to do this triathlon”. Faced with only being able to say “I got out of the ICU and now I’m here […]

A Tale of Two Triathlons…in photos

Today we participated in a triathlon. Toby was the only one with a number on his chest but, trust me. Spectating a triathlon this long with a four year old to entertain is a sport for Mommy too. Toby did this race at the last minute –  mostly for fun and to support a friend […]

Higher Resolutions

This year my new  year’s resolutions are: Continue to eat right & exercise. I would say “lose x pounds” but since we’d also like to have a baby this one could get blown out of the water faster than you can say “the plus means you’re pregnant.” Earn more, spend less. I know. It makes […]

You’ve come a long way baby

Since the weather has gotten cold, I have really struggled to find my motivation to get into the gym. Because diet and exercise are so intertwined (when I work out, I eat healthier) the food part has been taking a beating too. Pile on the holidays and a lot of year-end deadlines and you have […]

Our First 5k

This weekend we accomplished goal #1 of three goals we set for ourselves on July 4 of this year. We ran our first 5k. Our goal wasn’t to win, just be able to run it. When we made the goal on July 4 we were absolutely sedentary. We picked up our packets the afternoon before […]