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Then and Now

Before I could get too down on myself I decided to go looking through old pictures to do a “then and now” comparison. Saturday night I had Toby snap my picture just before we headed off for date night. I found the best comparison picture I could from our family pictures taken in December. It’s amazing what a difference twenty five pounds can make. I think most of it must have been lost from my chin!

Yoga and the $200 Jeans

I tried yoga last night for the first time. I have wanted to try it for a while but at the same time have been kind of put off by the difficulty of some of the poses and by the style of some yoga classes. I’m talking here about chakra’s, chanting, pushing energy in and out, and all the mystical ideas that can accompany yoga. I’m not the world’s most spiritual person and I had good reason to fear I might dissolve into a pile of giggles if the teacher asked me to do anything with a chakra.

Operation Fitness: Gremlins

Some days, I wonder if there are exercise Gremlins. Not the 80s movie variety, but the folklore sort who like to sabotage. If were Greek I might say the gods were against us.

The Seven Plagues of Erda

I must confess, I am one of those people that sometimes forgets to take her cell phone with her when she leaves the car. This usually isn’t a problem. Usually. If, however, my husband goes for a 27 mile bike ride while I run to the store and I forget my phone is not in my purse but in my car… and a freak storm should occur, this is a big problem. Huge.

The Pantry Principle

I think I’ve discovered a handy rule of thumb. If my pantry is bursting at the hinges, we’re probably eating a bunch of crappy food. Most food that is truly good for us is perishable and won’t last in a pantry. If your pantry is stuffed and you’re trying to eat healthier maybe it’s to clean off some shelf space.