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How to be “The Man”

Toby really doesn’t blog but I sometimes wish he did. If he did, I would encourage him to write a post about how to be a “the perfect man” when your wife is having a baby. It’s a high art he’s managed to master with very little experience. I doubt Jim-Bob Duggar is as good […]

Button Pushing

During our week in Disneyland this January, Robbie and his cousin didn’t fight over anything obvious like which park to visit or where to eat. Instead, they fought consistently about who got to push the button for “floor number eight” each time we went back to the hotel. As long as we live, our family […]

Wanna See a Bruce Lee Move?

About ten years ago my brothers, our mother and I went to the Oregon coast during one of her visits from Australia. We browsed all the tacky gift shops we locals normally ignore and my brother Jeremy chanced upon a really tacky Bruce Lee tee shirt. The shirt featured a large-as-lifeĀ  portrait of Bruce Lee […]

Envision world peace – and shut your mouth.

  I am no philosopher but I think I have stumbled upon the answer to world peace. Next time you feel the urge to tell another adult you think their personal choices are bad/wrong/foolish/don’t jive with your system of belief/in some way offend you, try this exercise: Shut your mouth. Walk away. Repeat as needed. […]

Annual Review

My husband is one of the only people I know – possibly the only person I know who has no complaints about his childhood and the way his parents raised him. None. I’m pretty sure his mother thinks I’m just trying to be nice when I tell her this. Like every other mom on the […]