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Bless His Heart

Robbie, standing on a step-ladder: “Mom, I can see over you.” “That’s because you’re taller right now.” “Yeah, but we’re still the same age.”

Glass Half Full

I had no intention of writing a post today. It’s my birthday and I was hoping to do as little as possible beyond my obligations. But, as I was zooming through the kitchen to write something on the shopping list I keep on the fridge, I noticed this glass on the island. It stopped me […]

Girl Privilege

It’s recently come to our attention there’s a fourth occupant in our house. We chose not to put him on the census because, while he’s noisy enough to be a kid, he’s actually a mouse. Two nights ago he woke us both up as he frantically molested an old PowerBar wrapper that had fallen down […]

A Cautionary Tale

Some people who write blogs do it to share their innermost feelings or journal the ins and outs of their daily struggles. I’ve discovered I’m not that kind of blogger. When things are very stressful I keep them between my husband and I – possibly one good friend. And since I can’t write here about […]

The Mommy Rant

When I was a kid, my mother would often complain to the room at large “We just can’t have anything nice!” This seemed like pointless belly-aching to me at the time. What was her problem? Our house was just fine. Now that I am a mother I have a bit better idea why it made […]