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The Dangers Facing Our Youth: Ironman and Dragons

We’ve been talking a lot lately about strangers. This morning on the way to school Robbie had these words of wisdom: “Mom, have you ever been inside a huge mouth?” “Thank goodness, no. That would mean I was being eaten, wouldn’t it?” “Yes! Mom, you should never go with strangers or dragons. They will eat […]

Excuse Me While I Rant

I have more than one friend that admits to getting pregnant with essentially no effort. She may have decided to give it a whirl and “Blamo!” She never even had to crack open another box of Tampax. Or worse, she was on the pill and “Blamo”. Quintuplets. Ok, maybe not. But you see where I’m […]

When Goals Collide

  I read a book over the summer about productivity and simplicity. The author continually¬† stressed the importance of focusing on one goal at a time – an idea I quickly pushed aside for “other people.” One thing you can count on from me is that I always have several things running in parallel. Recently […]


I turned thirty-one years old this year. Thirty-one before I finally decided to give exercise a try. Thirty-one when I signed up for my first 5k. There are exactly thirty-one days until the big race. As of this morning I’ve lost thirty-one pounds. It looks like I have a new lucky number. Maybe I should […]

The Biggest Cry Baby

It’s hard to run when you’re trying not to cry and your throat closes down and you can’t breathe. It’s also a little embarrassing when you’re running and your breathing starts sounding like you’re sucking air through a harmonica. People are bound to come ask if you’re having a heart attack if you don’t get it together, pronto.