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Robbie: Mom, if we have another child, I’ll share my pajamas with him. Me: That’s really nice of you. Robbie: And I’ll share my pancake. Even if there’s just one. She can share. Me: How about if I just make you both one? Robbie: Good idea! Me: What if we get a baby that’s not […]

Time for a New Plan

We try to eat healthy foods. We grocery shop, we garden, we buy veggies, we cook – or at least try to cook dinner every night. But, between two working parents, a child in preschool and our attempts to get to the gym three or four times a week, we sometimes find it easier to […]

D’oh! He said what?

Robbie has always been a good talker with an excellent vocabulary. He talks circles around half the kids his age and keeps up well in a preschool class a year ahead of his age.  He also tells my in-laws lots of stories about Toby and I (They are all lies. Lies, I say!) that never […]

The things they say

Grummy has crabs.

The Mommy Rant

When I was a kid, my mother would often complain to the room at large “We just can’t have anything nice!” This seemed like pointless belly-aching to me at the time. What was her problem? Our house was just fine. Now that I am a mother I have a bit better idea why it made […]