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Friday Fieldtrip

The last three “Mommy Fridays” have included a trip to the downtown library. We splurged and shelled out the $80 for a yearly membership (we live outside the county so membership isn’t free for us) and we’re definitely getting our money’s worth. If you have not taken your wee ones to the library, you really […]

At least he’s honest

It’s disorienting parenting a child that swings from one extreme to the other. He went from not talking to never stopping talking in the span of two weeks. He goes from a rough and tumble two year old to a serious ten year old to a snarky 13 year old instantly. While I’m driving down […]

Shopping, Robbie Style

This weekend we did the big shopping trip for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s coming a week early to our house because there is a wedding in the family this weekend and some relatives that are normally in other states will be in town. Our house was nominated to play host again this year – which I […]

Crime and Punishment

Thanks for all the opinions on the spanking poll. It’s nice to know that I’m not an over-reacting obsessive parent. Or, if I am, at least I am in good company. For the past few months Robbie’s been going to a day care / preschool. It’s really an in-home daycare with a preschool schedule where […]