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Armed and Dangerous

He’s Armed and… Dangerous? Nope, not dangerous – but always heavily armed. One gun makes noise and lights up. The other gun….well it’s been stuffed full of dry cat food, so the best it can do is a weak rattle sound. Hardly intimidating. He’s all boy.

Mixing Work and Play

Saturday we went to Wheeler Farm so that I could shoot family pictures for some dear friends. Only because I was working with friends, Robbie and Toby came along to “help”. Before the friends arrived and at times in between I got off some shots of my boys. It was disappointing that for all this […]

Fall is in the air

When most of you think of fall,  you probably think of pumpkin pie, crunchy leaves and school starting. I am a little different. I think of all those things but I also think of fall family photos. This is my favorite time of year for taking pictures. Since I’ve been enjoying a nice break from […]

Just for the Heck of It

I grabbed my camera and said “Robbie, we’re going to do something Mom never lets you do.”

Naturally, he was intrigued.

A New Beginning

For a lot of different reasons, I took this year off from weddings to just….relax. Not that my daily life feels like relaxing exactly – but anyone who has shot even a handful of weddings can tell you that juggling piranhas can be more relaxing than photographing a wedding. It isn’t as though the cameras […]