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Finally! The studio gets broken in “fer realz”

Why is it so much easier to photograph someone else’s kid?

I Should Frame These For the Studio Walls

The studio has been finished for a week now and I’ve tried three times to take Robbie’s photo. Not happening. There is a reason I typically just have another photographer friend take our family pictures. All the same, I did get a number of “tosser” images that, as a collection, I think really tell a […]

Sleeping In, In Seattle

Seattle was great fun. We got to catch up with an old friend, visit (briefly) Toby’s aunt and see the sites.Sans Robbie, my hands were also free to take a lot of pictures. This is a fact that a seagull later took advantage off too. He “bombed” my hand and my camera, which took quite […]


Not Exactly Baywatch

One of the things I miss most about living in the Northwest (besides Abby’s Pizza) is the Ocean. Somehow the Great Salt Lake doesn’t quite measure up. When we went to Oregon this December I really wanted to take Robbie to the coast but it was raining and miserable all week. But then I reminded […]