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Take My Picture!

We were cleaning out the basement last night when he climbed up on a bar stool (in my studio) and asked to have his picture taken in his favorite pajamas.

A Very Good Day…and Pictures.

Today has been a good day – my favorite kind of day where Robbie and I hang out and do fun things without the need for me to break into “Mommy Mode” of scolding, threats, and (let’s be honest) begging. And he doesn’t break into “Toddler Mode” with tantrums and the never-ending potty struggle or […]

Fall Fun

About three weeks ago we picked up a few new fall clothing items for Robbie. Ever since then one, two or all three of us has been sick and every weekend has been spent seeing how fast we can run through kleenex or how many times one of us can throw up in one 24 […]

More Wide Angle Fun

Part of what made me want an even wider lens was the great shots that another photographer I know gets with his wide angle lens. He uses it a lot in portraiture which (in classic portrait school of thought) is a no-no because of the distortion. I think he uses it to great effect….but you […]