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Bless His Heart

Robbie, standing on a step-ladder: “Mom, I can see over you.” “That’s because you’re taller right now.” “Yeah, but we’re still the same age.”

Things He Says – Naked Edition

Sunday we took Robbie and his best bud to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon. Before the movie began, I insisted on a pit stop at the bathrooms to help minimize during-the-movie bathroom breaks. Two little boys walk into side-by-side stalls. The best bud closes his stall door but Robbie doesn’t. “Hey […]

Ah, Memories. We Will Enjoy Them.

Sometimes the best family photos aren’t the ones that turn out “right”. This photo was taken at a small bird sanctuary right next door the the Fred Meyer my family always grocery shopped at when I was a kid. We would often buy loaves of bread then walk across the parking lot to feed the […]

Reed Family Word of the Week

Pooptastrophe: A traumatic event or accident involving a preschooler or any child out of diapers and “number two.” As in, “Robbie had a pooptastrophe at the triathlon when he used the port-a-potty. ” No one knows what went wrong but I am told his hands were covered with the evidence when he eventually poked his […]

Boy’s Boy

Can you figure out what’s missing?