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How to be “The Man”

Toby really doesn’t blog but I sometimes wish he did. If he did, I would encourage him to write a post about how to be a “the perfect man” when your wife is having a baby. It’s a high art he’s managed to master with very little experience. I doubt Jim-Bob Duggar is as good […]

The Nursery

We started with the best of intentions. Keep it simple. Use what we had. Really. Then we realized our crib was now considered a death trap by the consumer protection agency. We set about trying to find another. Then we recalled all our second hand furniture never had matched the white dresser – the one […]

Annual Review

My husband is one of the only people I know – possibly the only person I know who has no complaints about his childhood and the way his parents raised him. None. I’m pretty sure his mother thinks I’m just trying to be nice when I tell her this. Like every other mom on the […]

Tri Tri Again

It’s too bad it wasn’t me that had a triathlon Saturday. It would have been fun to casually drop into every conversation “yes, I just got out of the ICU and now I’m here to do this triathlon”. Faced with only being able to say “I got out of the ICU and now I’m here […]

Doing the Pee Pee Dance

This blog isn’t called Holly’s Hobbies by accident. I have a lot of hobbies – some of which become business. Perhaps there is a name for my condition but I am interested in almost everything if it involves making something. If my husband only knew the number of hobbies I have considered and and let […]

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