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Juggling Monkeys

The other day I had an epiphany. Robbie cut himself while playing with a knife. A knife I had just told him to put away because it was very sharp and he should never play with it. Only, according to him he was not playing with it at all but just “running my thumb over […]

Proud Mommy Moments

There are always the mortifying mommy moments, like when your kid licks someone in line at Wal-Mart. Yes, a total stranger. On the arm. Then there are the proud mommy moments. Like when your kid jumps in the car and declares “Its the best day of my life!” because his first Scholastic book order came. […]

The Nursery

We started with the best of intentions. Keep it simple. Use what we had. Really. Then we realized our crib was now considered a death trap by the consumer protection agency. We set about trying to find another. Then we recalled all our second hand furniture never had matched the white dresser – the one […]

Before He Becomes “The Child That Can Do No Right”

I realize no one can ever believe how fast their kid grows up. I’m hardly making mommy blogger history by writing about this. But, with my due date fast approaching I wanted to take a moment to talk about this amazing person that is my kid. You know, before the baby comes and he’s suddenly […]

Button Pushing

During our week in Disneyland this January, Robbie and his cousin didn’t fight over anything obvious like which park to visit or where to eat. Instead, they fought consistently about who got to push the button for “floor number eight” each time we went back to the hotel. As long as we live, our family […]