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Big Brother

Saying Robbie’s pretty excited about being a big brother is an understatement. I’m not sure if he’s more excited about the idea of the baby itself or the transformative leap he’s expecting to make when he becomes a Big Brother. Capitalization is intentional here because, believe me, this is how he sees it. My having […]

Wanna See a Bruce Lee Move?

About ten years ago my brothers, our mother and I went to the Oregon coast during one of her visits from Australia. We browsed all the tacky gift shops we locals normally ignore and my brother Jeremy chanced upon a really tacky Bruce Lee tee shirt. The shirt featured a large-as-lifeĀ  portrait of Bruce Lee […]

Annual Review

My husband is one of the only people I know – possibly the only person I know who has no complaints about his childhood and the way his parents raised him. None. I’m pretty sure his mother thinks I’m just trying to be nice when I tell her this. Like every other mom on the […]

I Viking

Imagine you’re sitting on your bed reading a book and minding your own business. Then suddenly a deranged and giddy (and also naked) viking jumps through the doorway. He’s wielding an ax and wearing a horned helmet. He says he fights dragons. Oh, and bears. Now imagine he’s four. Thank goodness I have at least […]

Fathers and Sons

When we had Robbie I knew there would be days in my future when a boy would come running up to me, gleefully sporting a suit made of mud and ask to have his picture taken. I just didn’t know at the time that the “boy” would be my husband. I’d be remiss if I […]