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Things He Says – Naked Edition

Sunday we took Robbie and his best bud to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon. Before the movie began, I insisted on a pit stop at the bathrooms to help minimize during-the-movie bathroom breaks. Two little boys walk into side-by-side stalls. The best bud closes his stall door but Robbie doesn’t. “Hey […]

Ah, Memories. We Will Enjoy Them.

Sometimes the best family photos aren’t the ones that turn out “right”. This photo was taken at a small bird sanctuary right next door the the Fred Meyer my family always grocery shopped at when I was a kid. We would often buy loaves of bread then walk across the parking lot to feed the […]

The Happiest Place on Earth

Our honeymoon was to Disneyland. That’s me, the blushing bride, up there in that photo. My parents’ honeymoon was to Disneyland. Saying I’ve been looking forward to taking Robbie on his first Disneyland trip is a bit of an understatement. But life has a way of, well, getting in the way. We had the budget […]

If you can’t laugh, you’ll cry.

We were scheduled for a genetic counseling session and arrived to meet a counselor that looked exactly like Jessie Eisenberg. I don’t know Jessie Eisenberg personally, but this counselor had all the mannerisms of Jessie’s character, Columbus from Zombieland. If that wasn’t disconcerting enough, once we got into the conversation about this genetic scrambling Toby […]

Enter, Dr. Risky

We met the specialist Friday. Although the appointment had only been scheduled for a week, it felt like it had been years coming. As it turns out, the specialist my doctor referred me to wasn’t covered under our insurance, so we were instead referred to the head of the maternal-fetal medicine department at the U […]