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Science Publication: 12 year old audience

Growing up a fundamentalist religion, I was taught evolution was a lie. In fact, our church spent an entire year reading a book that attempted to dismantle evolutionary theory. As a child, I accepted it. As an adult, I went back and reread that book again. I could immediately see the arguments were unsupported by evidence and was conspicuously vauge on which scients said this or that or which dating techniques had been proven fallable and by whom.

I didn’t have the information to know how they were wrong. But I could spot bad science and an attempt to “spin” the topic.

So, I was very interested to take this class and hear the other side of the debate first-hand. After learning about evolutionary theory, I was impressed at the simplicity of the idea and how similar all living organisims really are. Since the theory iso so simple and so easily demonstrated, why do so many reject it?

Besides religious beliefs, I suspect a lot of the reason people push back so hard on evolution is that they have a hard time contemplating the time spans involved. I also think it is psychologically uncomfortable to look at our origins and see that we aren’t here because of our innate goodness or someone’s divine plan. Humankind is here because of a slow and very long process that relies as much on luck as it does on adaptation and incredibly slow change. Simply put, we’re not in control. Being good and living by a certain set of rules doesn’t guarantee us our survival. We’re every bit as vulnerable to exctinction as any species, given theĀ  set of rapid environmental changes.

And that’s hard to swollow.

Personally, I find the time span and process awe-inspiring. The diversity of life that has come and gone during our planet’s life is staggering. That we have made it this far makesĀ  me feel more, not less, blessed to be human.