The Bullet Point Blog Post

The Bullet Point Blog Post

We’ve all  heard about the poor over-scheduled American child, haven’t we? He has no time for imaginitve play, no downtime, no time for homework. Well I’m  hear to tell you about the poor overscheduled American mom. She has no time to watch Glee, no time to play in her soap room, no time to even get her hair cut. And no time to blog.

Starting in late April we hit a perfect storm of teeball, a boost in project requests at Sakka Studio and a flurry of travel that left this poor blog abandoned.

Here’s the thirty second scoop on what’s happened lately.

  • We went to Yellowstone for a long weekend
  • I worked a lot
  • We went to Oklahoma for four days
  • I worked even more to catch up
  • Robbie played a season of teeball that consisted largely of touching his head to the ground and eating dirt
  • I did a ton of laundry to keep the teeball uniform ready game after game
  • Robbie went on his first real backpacking trip with Toby – hiking 1.5 miles with his own pack, uphill and not whining. We’re pretty sure that’s a world record and as soon as we figure out what we did right we’re going to patent it, sell it, and retire.
  • I let the laundry get ahead of me, it collapsed on us, trapping the entire family until paramedics arrived on the scene and, using the jaws of life, freed us.
  • Robbie went (and I chaperoned) on an awesome field trip to the fire station that included a ride on the top of the hose truck and meeting a fireman whose ears were burned off. As soon as I figure out what I did that prevented Robbie from saying/doing something embarrassing I am going to patent it, sell it and retire.
  • I made batch after batch of lotions, lip balms, scrubs, salts and lotion bars to test various formulations.
  • I worked some more.
  • In the last week of teeball, which was also the last week of school, I missed all the festivities of both by contracting the worst case of strep I’ve ever had, complete with uncontrollable vomiting (which felt so cool and soothing on my throat). I begged for death but Toby refused to accommodate me and instead nursed me back to health.
  • I lost seven pounds due to said illness but made sure to gain three back right away by baking myself a little batch of brownies (and a pizza for dessert) as soon as I could swallow.
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    Ronda Rae
    June 2nd, 2010 at 9:20 am

    YIKES!! I’m glad you are back to the land of the living and the land of the blogging! What a busy, busy life. That pack looks like it must weigh as much, if not more than Robbie! Too cute!

    Well, good luck – keep kickin’! Now that summer is “supposed” to be here, I feel like you still won’t get to slow down very much!

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      June 2nd, 2010 at 9:38 am

      The pack actually only weighed about 4 pounds. We shelled out for very (very) expensive backpacking stuff that was ultra light. All he carried was his sleeping bag which weighs 2 pounds. REI should write us a thank you letter if we ever have another kid…their profits will go up.

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    June 2nd, 2010 at 9:57 am


    Welcome back. Welcome back to the land of the living and the land of laundry. (Oi.) I am sorry you had severe strep, I had it bad like that when I was in jr. high and I was out of school for a week on my bed, puke/poop/and all of that.

    I wish I had known how bad you were, I would have made you dinner. Like a real dinner and brought you some Jamba on ice. When you are caught up a bit, lets get together okay?



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