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Juggling Monkeys

The other day I had an epiphany. Robbie cut himself while playing with a knife. A knife I had just told him to put away because it was very sharp and he should never play with it. Only, according to him he was not playing with it at all but just “running my thumb over […]

Before He Becomes “The Child That Can Do No Right”

I realize no one can ever believe how fast their kid grows up. I’m hardly making mommy blogger history by writing about this. But, with my due date fast approaching I wanted to take a moment to talk about this amazing person that is my kid. You know, before the baby comes and he’s suddenly […]

Button Pushing

During our week in Disneyland this January, Robbie and his cousin didn’t fight over anything obvious like which park to visit or where to eat. Instead, they fought consistently about who got to push the button for “floor number eight” each time we went back to the hotel. As long as we live, our family […]

Big Brother

Saying Robbie’s pretty excited about being a big brother is an understatement. I’m not sure if he’s more excited about the idea of the baby itself or the transformative leap he’s expecting to make when he becomes a Big Brother. Capitalization is intentional here because, believe me, this is how he sees it. My having […]


I am thankful for modern medicine. For doctors that care, husbands that support, little boys that make me laugh. I am thankful for heparin sodium and whatever personality quirk it is that gets me to stick myself with a needle twice a day. I am thankful for weekly ultrasounds, good friends, hand held Doppler devices, […]