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A Very Good Weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend.   Layla is a shoe addict. She is always in my closet trying on heels and trying to walk in them so we thought it was time to get her some toy princess shoes. She was very pleased with this offering. Robbie got some good quality time […]

How to be “The Man”

Toby really doesn’t blog but I sometimes wish he did. If he did, I would encourage him to write a post about how to be a “the perfect man” when your wife is having a baby. It’s a high art he’s managed to master with very little experience. I doubt Jim-Bob Duggar is as good […]

Adventures in Heparin or: The One About “The Bleeds”

Because we began seeing a specialist…well, really the specialist earlier this year, they were my first call when I got that second pink line. We’re way past the ooey gooey stage of announcing pregnancy in a cute way. I actually called my doctor first, husband second. He’s lucky. The last time I found out I […]


I am thankful for modern medicine. For doctors that care, husbands that support, little boys that make me laugh. I am thankful for heparin sodium and whatever personality quirk it is that gets me to stick myself with a needle twice a day. I am thankful for weekly ultrasounds, good friends, hand held Doppler devices, […]

Snow Day

Yesterday I told Toby I really wanted it to just dump snow on us so we could wake up to 6 or 8 inches of the white stuff. And for once – the weather did as I asked! Toby and I were well aware it had snowed. We don’t sleep through the night much anymore. […]